How to uninstall Google Chrome and install Internet Explorer?

Google Chrome and Internet explorer are the two independent browsers that are quite impressive in giving the instant results.Users will get the chance to access the user friendly features that are easy to understand and could be accessed smoothly.Number of search results could be obtained at the same point of time without slowing down.Added to that there number of qualities present in these browsers that completely differentiate them from others.However if there would be some technical difficulty comes that is sudden and completely unexpected from the customer end ,there is a group of technical team that works over day and night to come up with unique solutions.

What are the different threats for which the could avail solution through the customer care team for Chrome and IE?

  • How to view and remove history from Internet Explorer?

  • Why the account of Gmail is not been supported through Internet explorer?

  • Why I not able to read mails in my Hotmail account while accessing account through using the Google chrome ?

  • Why the Youtube videos are not running while opening it through Internet explorer?

  • How would the cookies could be removed through the Google chrome page?

  • Why the PDF file is not opening through the help of internet explorer?

There are different issues that has been solved through the effort of the support team in which users could see the description for some of the them.

How to Un-install Google Chrome?

For un-installing Google chrome, users are required to follow the given guidelines that has been suggested through the Google chrome tech support team:

  • It is first required to open “Control Panel”

  • From there users are required to subject for the option of “Program manager”

  • It is now need to open the list of installed windows updates

  • Along with that users need to find the Google chrome entry

  • Individuals should now do the un-installation through a right click on the entry and should choose the “Uninstall “button

  • However the process for un-installation would take certain time duration to complete

  • Users are now required to reboot the users system.

How to install Internet Explorer?

Users may follow the below given guidelines that has been suggested through the Internet explorer support team:

  • In the windows taskbar, users would see the update for an Internet explorer

  • From there users may choose the option for “Click to view the new features”

  • Users may now see the dialog box of latest version of Internet explorer

  • It is now time to see the button for “Install”

  • Individuals would get the dialog box to accept the terms of license

  • Through accepting the license terms, users would get the latest updated dialog box

  • However users are required to choose the button for “Next” to install the updated version

  • Along with that users could see the progress screen for installing the updated version of Internet explorer

  • After the process of installation would get complete, users may choose the option for “Restart now” to run the browser

  • It is now time to check that whether “Internet explorer” is running properly or not

For the situations when the users wouldn’t be satisfy through the solution of the given problem and also wants assistance for some other problems,they should do the instant connection through the Internet Explorer tech support team that is always ready to assist the users in all kind of situations.



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