How to set up a D-link wireless router?

D-link routers are the world class routers and there is no doubt about it. These products are well appreciated by the users and are utilized for the purpose of establishing a home network for all kinds of your wired as well as wireless devices. These routers are easy to configure and are worth their prices. However at a certain point, many users face some issues in them and look for the excellent D-link router tech support for their instant removal. One of the confusions users have regarding D-link router is as to how to set up these routers.

Here are the important instructions which can really help you setting up your router in an efficient way:

  • First of all turn off an unplug your modem.

  • Now make a connection to the modem through the WAN port of the router.

  • Next connect one port of your LAN to the Ethernet port of the computer.

  • Now turn the modem’s power on and wait till the modem boots up.

  • Next turn the router’s power on.

  • Now go ahead to turn the computer on.

  • Now check for all the indicator lights on your router.

  • After that open your browser and enter in the address bar.

  • Next type admin as your user name and leave the field named Password blank.

  • Now click on Setup Wizard button.

  • Click on the button named Launch Internet connection set up wizard.

  • Now click on Next.

  • Next Create the administrator password.

  • Now you need to set your time zone.

  • Choose the type of your Internet connection.

  • Click on Clone your PC MAC address option.

  • Finally click the connect button for saving your settings.

Now you can test your connection if your router works perfectly.

How about following the above steps ? Well, they are very easy and everyone can make best use of these steps to set up their D-link router. The ones who are helpless in setting up his router can easily opt for D-link router tech support service which can be offered to you at a rock bottom price.

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