How to repair & reset Avast antivirus software?

Avast is the only antivirus software that has got the positive response from all over the world.This program provides the ultimate security and safety against different threats that interrupts the users in increasing the performance level.This specific antivirus software has been appreciated all across the world due to it’s functionality.But whenever there would be some problem with the antivirus software,it is required to do the instant connection through the support team that is always ready to help the users in emergency conditions.

What are the different features that one could find easily in Avast antivirus software?

  • Easy file scanning process.

  • Facility to get the inbound and outbound protection for Firewall.

  • Assistance for the spyware protection.

  • Daily updates related to Avast.

  • Regular monitor of the computer system that may cause the infection.

  • Protection of the Wi-Fi system from spreading the malwares and spywares.

  • Helps in avoiding the downloading of websites that could risk the security.

  • Always enhance the speed of the system.

  • Gives protection for the important files.

  • Helps in avoiding the dangerous and annoying emails.

Number of issues are there that has been solved till now through the help of the support team and here individuals could see the solution for one of them.

How to repair Avast antivirus software?

Read the following steps for repairing the Avast antivirus software, if it has been hacked or it keep hanging while scanning the external or internal files or peripherals devices.

To repair the avast antivirus software,users are required to follow the below given steps:

  • First users are required to press the Win + X keys through using the keyboard

  • From there it is now required to choose the option for “Select Programs and Features” through the menu that has been displayed over the left corner

  • However users should choose the edition of Avast, and should click the option for Uninstall/Change through the bar above which listed the programs.

  • After the Avast Setup wizard would appear, users need to go with the “Repair” button.

  • Along with that when the Avast Setup wizard completes the changes, users should restart the computer to finish the process

I think now you get to know how to repair Avast antivirus software, or if you finding any issues then take help from Avast antivirus technical support team by dialing their official contact number.

How to reset Avast antivirus software?

Read the article for resetting the Avast antivirus software in your system that may include computer, PC, Laptops or mobile phones.

To reset the Avast antivirus software,users are required to go with the following guidelines:

  • First users should install the current version of Avast using the Uninstall Utility.

  • It is required to restart the computer and should make sure that no ALWIL or AVAST Software is located in C:\Program Files.

  • Users should install the current edition of Avast and should restart the computer.

  • For the situations when the users wouldn’t have activate the product during installation, it could be done through “Avast Settings”

For the further issues users are required to reach the Avast antivirus support number that is easy to find on the customer service site and could be dialled from anywhere and everywhere.


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