How to download Apple Safari for windows 7 & make bookmarks in Safari?

Are you much concerned about downloading your Apple Safari in Windows 7? Do you want professionals to take up your issue and then fix your issues instantly? If yes, then you are not supposed to be disturbed at all. Although taking help from Apple Safari tech support staff for your downloading problems is easy and most of the users want to connect with these executives to get their problems fixed, yet the following steps will also prove to be much more beneficial for them to prevent these blockades.

Here are the proven steps to download Apple Safari in Windows 7:

  • Visit the Link.

  • Now click on Safari 5 free download.

  • Now its time to select your operating system.

  • Next click on download now.

  • Now you can run the installer.

  • Next you can drag this application to your desktop.

  • Now you can easily open this program start using it.

So,now you are finished with installing Apple Safari in Windows in the best way, If you are not comfortable in installing this browser in the above mentioned way, then contacting Apple Safari tech support service will be much feasible for you. However this is not a single issue which the users are engulfed into when they start using Apple Safari.

How to make bookmarks in Apple Safari browser?

Some of the users also find difficulty in creating a bookmark in Apple Safari which is an easy job if you know about the right steps to do it. However in case you do not possess the requisite information, then the following procedure will be really a great help to make bookmarks in Safari.

Let’s see the proper instructions to create bookmarks in Apple Safari:

  • Click on Choose Bookmarks and then Add Bookmark.

  • Press on Command+D.

  • Next click on Finised and select add bookmark.

  • Now choose your preferred location where you want to save your bookmark.

  • Next remove bookmark or you can use the name offered by Safari.

  • Click on add button for saving the bookmark.

By learning the above simple procedure any Safari user can add a bookmark. But what would happen if you can’t get all the above said details? Well, now you should not think deeply about your hitches as Apple Safari tech support is always available for you. Hence if you remain unsuccessful in adding the bookmark, then call Apple Safari tech support phone number at once.


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