How to disable AVG antivirus temporarily & permanently?

Antivirus are for the safety of our system. AVG is among the best antivirus programs which protects the system or device from harmful and strong viruses and malware and internet threats. It keeps a check on every activity of the computer weather it is downloading or uploading. The AVG antivirus will scan the system regularly and remove the viruses completely. For installing AVG antivirus you need to install it, if you want to setup avg antivirus & then to activate avg antivirus then follow the steps in linked articles. But there may be chance when you want to disable your avg antivirus due to some internal or external issues in system or in software itself.

Although antivirus is always for the safety of the system but some times the need arises to disable it either temporarily or permanently. Some times, antivirus affects the browsing speed and some times it slows down the system speed too. In such situation, user have to disable the antivirus.

How to disable AVG antivirus temporarily?

  • Either right click on the AVG icon.

  • Click on the option "Temporarily Disable AVG Protection ".

  • Set the duration up till which user wants to keep the antivirus disabled.

  • Check weather you want to disable the firewall too and finally click OK.

  • Or else Open AVG program.

  • From the right side, click on Advanced Settings.

  • Click on the option for Temporarily Disable AVG Protection.

  • Set the duration and click OK.

How to disable AVG antivirus permanently?

AVG antivirus cannot be permanently disabled easily. Even if user will disable it temporarily, some files still keep on running on the back end.

  • So user have to download and install any authentic auto run programs.

  • Or user can also go for msconfig.

  • Run the program and check all the files and options of AVG to disable.

  • After finishing click OK.

  • Now AVG is permanently disabled and no files will be running back side.

It is always recommended that user can either replace AVG with any other antivirus or remove it completely using a removal tool. For any technical assistance or tech support user can ask to the experts. User can call at the AVG antivirus support number which is all the time active to provide technical help regarding AVG.



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