How to connect one router to another to expand a network in belkin router?

Routers are used for enhancing the speed of internet. Today , when almost every official work requires internet with a fast and consistent speed, routers are must. When large number of computers are connected with one another, then it is essential to expand the network by adding more than one router within the network. User or the administrator of the network must manage to add more routers within a network.

Follow the steps to connect one router to another to expand a network in belkin router:

  • First thing is to gather all the required equipment. The routers must be of standard quality and the system should be latest updated and compatible with routers.

  • If user is trying to connect via a Wifi connection then he should first note down the SSID value and the passkey.

  • The Ethernet cables should be as many as the routers are.

  • Now , turn OFF everything and unplug the cables of the routers.

  • Now, connect one of the router's WAN/Internet port , say of, Router 1 to the high speed modem through the cable at the WAN/Internet port.

  • Connect the Router 1's LAN port to the computer Ethernet port.

  • Turn ON the modem and the router and start the system.

  • Open the browser window.

  • Enter in the address bar. If user is using Belkin router, few IP addresses he can use like or or

  • If there is no user id and password, user can search it on the router device or else he can go for resetting that will set to default settings.

  • Enable the DHCP server under either the Network Settings or LAN Settings.

  • Check the internet connection by accessing any web page.

  • If everything is set, then unplug the router to system cable.

  • Now connect the second router , say Router 2 , to the computer.

  • Open the browser and this time enter the IP address of that router, say,

  • Login with the user id or password, just like before.

  • Now under Network or LAN settings, make DHCP server disabled. This is because DHCP is used to assign the IP addresses to the network and Router 1 is already doing that.

  • It is possible that both the routers may have same IP address so first check it and then user can change the IP address of second router so as to avoid IP conflict. Under the Network or LAN settings, see the current IP address and change it if it is similar to the first one.

  • Under the general settings, enter the name and SSID of the network as same as in Router 1.

  • OFF the power of Router 2.

  • Connect the LAN port of Router 1 to LAN port of Router 2.

  • Switch the power ON of Router 2. Now this router will be having IP address which user has assigned.

  • Restart the system

  • Now the network in online.

For any technical issues or queries, ask to the experts at Belkin router customer support either through email or through phone.


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