How do I resolve my Hotmail problems?

I receive regular reports of individual’s, who have experienced difficulty sorts of obstacles with their Hotmail email account. If you are also having to experience an outage into Hotmail or Outlook email account, then you take the service to solve the problems, whether you have login glitches, getting or sending email issues, Password related problem, and many others.

Here are various things to attempt to determine the issues that you might encounter with your Hotmail email account.

We are now mentioning the main Hotmail account issues, which you may encounter while using it.


Many times, getting to Hotmail, and numerous different sites in the system, can be influenced by a wide range of courses by threats, spyware, virus, and malware. Then it's very crucial you to timely run of Antivirus programs and checks spyware.

Check Hosts

I have searched that the simple malware is in the "hosts" file. Typically this is found in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc, that could easily open onto a notepad. On the off chance that there is a line attributing "", or "", then the document has in all likelihood been adjusted by malware The most secure option is to just rename the file to another name.

Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer

If you are running Hotmail or Internet explorer, on Windows XP and other versions of Windows, then you should run the “System File Checker”, which is the best option to "repair" to problems. You can download this from Microsoft's Internet Explorer site.

How to configure Hotmail SMTP, POP & IMAP settings?

Sometimes, people have reported that they face the issue in configuring Hotmail account in the email client program or mobile devices. The users just need to follow these Hotmail Configuration Settings, when configuring the email account via Account Type IMAP and POP.


Incoming Server Address

  • Incoming IMAP Server Address:-

  • Server Port:- 993

  • Secure connection (SSL):- Yes

  • Username:- Your Hotmail/Windows Live ID email address

  • Password:- Your account password

Outgoing server Address

  • Outgoing SMTP server Address:-

  • Server Port Number:- 587

  • SMTP Server Requires Authentication:- Yes

  • Secure Connection:-Yes, choose TLS

  • Username:- Your Hotmail or Windows Live ID email address

  • Password:- Your account


Incoming Server Address

  • Incoming POP Server Address:-

  • Server Port:- 995

  • Requires a Secure connection (SSL): -Yes

  • Username:- Your Hotmail/Windows Live ID email address

  • Password:- Your account password

Outgoing Server Address

  • Outgoing SMTP server Address:

  • Server Port Number: 587

  • SMTP Server Requires Authentication: -Yes

  • Secure Connection: - Yes, choose TLS

  • Username:- Your Hotmail or Windows Live ID email address

  • Password:- Your account

Check Firewall

It is crucial for you to open the firewall and check that their firewall is not blocking cookies. See, if you are using a router for your firewall, or using the Windows XP embedded firewall, then you must a quick and simple test, try to turn OFF your firewall and then again try to access Hotmail, for smooth working.

Check Network Connection

Many times, the connection of the network of your internet and networking sections of your system gets confused, block, or misbehave, and then create problems to access the Hotmail sites or other sites. Then you should verify your network connection again.

Reboot PC

You should try to reboot your PC, as well as power OFF and then turn ON again to the back of your modem or router. After the change, the router into a state and computer rebooted, your problem may solved.

Delete Cookies & Cache

You must clear your cookies and cache, which may cause problems for your smooth execution or using the Hotmail account. So, open IE, go to “Tools”, then “Internet Options General”, and press “ Delete Cookies” button as well as press on “Delete Files” button, to delete cache.

I think now you can tackle any kind of Hotmail issues, if not and facing glitch while using the Hotmail account then just contact to Hotmail technical support number for immediate and reliable assistance, because there are many technicians who work on these kind troubleshooting issues and sort out them immediately, these kind of services basically available 24 by 7.


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