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Hotmail Password Recovery Without Phone Number

Posted on December 15, 2017


Hotmail is the account that gives the microsoft users the best mailing experience since you get a number of features that are impressive in nature while you use this service so you can simply get the details about this service and how to use it by visiting the support site of the hotmail. Many a times it happen that being a novice user you do not have the complete knowledge about how to properly use that service. In that case you need not have to hesitate about this thing since any one could have a problem like this. Rather than dealing with your issues by your own you can simply try to seek the guidance from the people who have the deep knowledge about the service. These people may be either your friends who have already used the service.


Just in case you do not have the people who can guide you in your issues then you always have an option of calling the techies from the company. There is no doubt regarding their talent since the company hire them after the tough process and hence they are really the capable one. So without hesitating and without wasting your time anymore you just need to contact these people. So there are a number of ways to reach the hotmail customer service. You can choose the one that suits you.


You may have a number of issues like the case of the forgot password of the hotmail account or the issue in the receiving or the sending of the mails. In all such cases you can directly contact the representatives from the company. Now in case you want to do the recovery of the hotmail account then you can simply give the call on the hotmail password recovery number to know the steps written below:-

  • there are a number of ways by which you can do the recovery but of you just want to do it with the help of the email address then you just need to open the outlook.

  • Followed by tapping on the get started option, after that you have to simply enter the email address in to the next field.

  • Then it is the time to tap on the add account option, after that you have to tap on the forgot my password option.

  • After that you have to tap on the I forgot the password followed by tapping on the next button.

  • Then you have to simply tap on the verification method, here you need to enter the email address on which you wants to get the verification code.

  • Once you get the code then you have to enter the code followed by entering a new password for yourself.

  • Once you re-enter the password then you can simply save the password and then after that you can use this new password to login to your account.

So this is the simple process by which you can do the hotmail password recovery without phone number. Sometimes it happen that you may have lost the number that you may have registered at the time of creating the account. Then in that case you wants to recover the account and that too without that number. So using the email address or the security questions as the verification method are the easy alternatives. So you can simply choose to do so without much of the glitches during the process of doing so. If you feel the issues then you always know that the best way to resolve it is to contact the techies from the company.