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Earthlink is an IT services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was founded in 1994 and provides services in IT, network and communication. Today, Earthlink has become the favourite of millions of users. One of the reasons behind this fact is the transparency in  customer service they offer. Customers can contact Earthlink in case of any query/problem and the company provides them immediate response. Moreover, their queries will be tried to solve in as less time as possible.

Your satisfaction is our goal:

We at Earthlink Customer Support considers customers’ satisfaction the primary goal. In order to make our services more transparent and gain your trust, we provide the customer support in both technical and non-technical aspects.

Why Earthlink?

The Earthlink is one of the leading internet service providers. We offer high speed internet connectivity that is not only safe and secure but also available at affordable rates. The internet plans offered by Earthlink are customizable. You can select the plan that suits to your internet needs. Moreover, Earthlink also has an unlimited data plan which lets users surf the internet, download data and stream videos not only on a single device but also on multiple devices.

Earthlink Customer Service Phone Number information:

Earthlink has different customer service phone numbers for different types of queries. You can search for the Earthlink technical support phone numbers at its website related to the type of your query. Earthlink support phone numbers are available on the following queries:

  • Residential Internet Sales

  • Residential Internet Customer Support

  • Cable Customer Email or Software Support

  • Web Hosting

Fax option is also available at Earthlink, but you can use this feature only for cancellations. Do note that you have to verify your identity on call if asked. The identity include your Earthlink email address and one of the following information: password, credit card number used to pay for monthly service, secret word, or PIN.

A customer can have various issues regarding the Earthlink services. The issues can be both technical as well as non-technical. The Earthlink Support Center is intended to solve all of your queries.

At the Earthlink Support center, a custom search feature is provided in which you can enter a keyword or phrase related to your issue and get the solution for the same. For example, if you have any billing related issues, say invoice, you simply have to type a keyword invoice and press enter or click on Search button provided and all the invoice related FAQs and information will be displayed in the search results. Besides this custom search feature, some useful links are also provided on the website. These useful links include Getting Started, Billing Questions, Email, High Speed, HyperLink, Dial-Up, Web Hosting, etc. If you are new to the Earthlink, you can take support on how to start in the Getting Started option. Moreover, support on password related issues is also provided. In the High Speed section, you can get the status of your new order, DSL support, DSL home and Home Phone Service Support, DSL Hardware Networking Support, and Cable Support.

A live chat feature is provided along with the Earthlink Technical Support Phone Numbers. The Live Chat feature feature lets customers to share their queries/issues with the customer support team of Earthlink. The timings for the Live Chat at Earthlink differs for different support platforms.

  • The Sales Live chat is available from from 9 AM to 10 PM ET Monday to Saturday.

  • Live Chat on Customer Service is available from 7 AM ET to 1 AM ET.

  • Technical Support Live Chat is available for 24 x 7.

  • Web Hosting Live Chat is available from 9 AM ET to 9 PM ET, Monday to Friday and 10 AM ET to 7 PM ET for Saturday and Sunday.

Feel free to contact Earthlink for any queries/issues. Our dedicated team of customer support professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds will try to resolve the issue faced by you in a nick of time.

Earthlink Customer Service 1 888 653 7750

Earthlink Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-925-7080

Earthlink Customer Service Number  1-888-712-1422

Earthlink Toll Free number 1-8559257080

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